How to post Fake Reviews on TripAdvisor

Posting FALSE reviews on TripAdvisor is extremely easy and free. TripAdvisor makes it extremely easy to boost your rating and / or make some good money.

TripAdvisor knowingly and more than willingly allows ANYONE to register, and post false reviews and lies and libel comments. TripAdvisor doesn’t care who posts what, all they are after is a large so called “Member Database”

This article is a quick guide to posting a “Few” reviews on TripAdvisor, either to boost your own establishment’s rating and / or post some damaging reviews about the competition.


Here is an easy, free and safe way to submit fake reviews on TripAdvisor.


1) Get yourself unlimited Free Email Accounts

Free Email Accounts

Get your accounts at :

  • Gmail :
  • Yahoo:
  • Live Hotmail :

Yahoo also offers Rocket Mail and Ymail. Create lots of addresses and fake TA accounts, ‘cos TripAdvisor is always glad to add names to their “Members List”


2) Make use of different browsers.


Download and use the following browsers:

  • OPERA –
  • CHROME –

People that post multiple reviews on a regular basis always make use of multiple browsers.


3) Change your IP address

 Free Hide IP

FREE Hide IP is an easy way to hide your real IP. This FREE version allows you to change your real IP to an American IP. People that post reviews on a regular basis are better off getting the “Pro” Version which allows you to choose from a list of countries, ideal for people that can write reviews in more than one language.

Download FREE Hide IP at :


That’s it, it doesn’t get easier than this.. As mentioned, TripAdvisor has ZERO validation for new member sign up’s.

Just change your IP and you are on your way. TripAdvisor randomly sends a lame confirmation email once a review has been posted, strangely this usually only happens when you post a good review, and very rarely when a libel review is posted. In this case, make sure you change your IP BEFORE clicking on the “confirmation” link.

Also, clear your “cookies” before re-posting, or even better is if possible “blacklist” TripAdvisor with your Internet Security program ( in most cases under Privacy Setting)



In the coming days we will post a guide to “Making Money” by posting unlimited reviews on TripAdvisor

This tutorial is for educational purposes only.

Remember, if TripAdvisor ever does the right thing, and start validating members, this tutorial would become useless, until then just make the most of it.




This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor Warning supporter and not of TripAdvisor Warning TAW.

The content of this article was provided by various sources such as emails, messages, forums etc and is for educational purpose & security awareness only. If any law enforcement agency or press / media related agencies need more Information, please feel free to Contact us.


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